Stress Management: New mantra to convert stress into driving force

“Stress should be a powerful driving force, not an obstacle” – Bill Phillips

Many of you might not agree with me at the first glance of it. But, think about it for a few seconds, I am sure you will find the true inner meaning of it. Look around you; you will find an example for sure. The first example that came into my mind was “Diamonds”. Diamonds are crystals of pure carbon that form under crushing pressures and intense heat. And this pressure turns the pure carbon (coal) into the most beautiful creation of Mother Nature known as Diamonds. Easy for me to say, but to convert this stress into driving force one needs to follow certain steps. Like I always do, I took the time to read about new and modern ways of managing stress after my office hours and mixed it with my own ways of beating the stress to convert it to fuel for ignition. And here’s the ways for you:

Manage your time

Most of the time, we feel stressed or get stressed from professional life if we fail to manage our time properly. Managing time requires proper planning. These days work pressure is so much, expectation from management is so high, we are left with so much deliverables that many of us waste a lot of time, thinking where to start from. Even I faced the same problem when I started my career. I solved this problem in a very simple, classic and yet practical way. Make a “Things to Do list”. Don’t stop there, set yourself targets and assign rational deadlines EVERYDAY. If you have a Smartphone, download a “Things to do” app from iTunes or Google Play. Write them down and assign reminder. Trust me, you will have enough time end of the day for yourself.

Stop Comparing

I am talking about peer pressure. In both personal life and professional life, many of you have felt and still feeling the pressure from your peer. This can result in serious stress. It is tough to be the only one who says “no” to peer pressure. Let’s be practical, all the fingers in our hand are not of the same size. Same goes for your colleagues, friends, siblings and others. So, why compare? Instead of comparing, if someone is good at something, try to learn from him/her. See and learn the positive things from him. With given time and dedication, you will be able to beat the stress arising from peer pressure.

Think about it
Think about it
This is one of my favorite pic of all time. Read and think about. You have more than most of the people in the world. Enjoy life, don’t compare and don’t complain.

Enjoy your favorite music

This is definitely one of my favorite ways to enjoy work, while beating the work pressure. Most of the time, if you walk into my office room, you will find that I am hearing my favorite music. Don’t play it loud in your speakers, it might disturb other colleagues. Instead, use an earphone and connect to your Smartphones, this way you won’t miss any important business call and at the same time will enjoy the music. After all, it’s scientifically proven that, Music slows the pulse and heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and decreases the levels of stress hormones.

Manage your social media stress

According to a study by University of Edinburg, the more friends you have on the social network, the more stressed out you may be. In fact, a few days ago, it was one of the hot topics in online media. Does that mean, you stop adding people or stop using social media sites? The answer is “No”. It’s one of the easiest ways to keep in touch with people. But, you need to learn how to manage stress from it. Instead of spending more time in front of the computer, SOCIALIZE in real life. Give your time to breath, go outside, get something to eat, spend some time with your friends or even easier watch some TV and relax. Trust me, when you return to your laptop you will do so with a much more open and fresh mind.

Sleep well

Sleep is one of the most crucial natural stress busters.  Research shows, sleep allows the mind and body to rejuvenate. After a good night’s sleep, we are more refreshed, and able to handle stress more smartly. And if you have a problem due to a lot stress, then let me give you my own personal “Sleep Well Recipe”. Before you go to sleep, sit down and write down the things that stressing you. Beside each of the stress factors write down the probable solution and how you plan to manage them. Then, hit the bed. You will sleep like a baby, worked and still works like a miracle for me.

Take vacations

Vacation used to be a luxury, but in today’s world it has become a necessity. Whenever, you get time, i.e. Xmas holidays, summer holidays, long weekends or even your annual leaves, make the best out of it. If you have a family, plan accordingly and save some money and go to the nearest holiday destination. Especially with the budget airlines this day, traveling is even cheaper that traveling by train. Go ahead, what are you waiting for? Start planning your holidays now; even while planning you will instantly become happy thinking about the holidays.

9 ways to convert stress into driving force
9 ways to convert stress into driving force

Go and Get some fresh air during office

These days, we are bogged down with so much work within the four walls of our office. We forget to even look outside through the window. In fact, I have seen people even forget to open the curtain of the window. And ends up working and living like a machine under electric lights. Sun light and green leaves are natural rejuvenators. Tomorrow, when you go to work, the first thing you need to do is to, allow the sunlight to come in. During lunch break during coffee breaks, take the coffee and go outside for a 5 min walk with your closest colleagues. Enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of mother nature. Once you get back to your desk again, your mind will be fresh and more creative.

Speak out

Don’t let the bubble of frustration grow bigger. Every one of you, who is reading this post right now, has best friends, close colleagues. If something is bothering, call a friend and schedule a coffee out and share your troubling situation. You will feel better after taking it out.

Play sport or exercise

Get yourself into a sport activity or start going to the gym. Based on scientific studies, brain releases mood-boosting hormones named “endorphins” that generate a positive feeling. This optimistic rush is also named as “runner’s high. By joining a gym or playing sports like football, cricket, tennis, hiking etc you will be able to convert your frustration to performance and live a healthier and happier life.

And once again, Thanks to my good colleague Roger van Lieshout, Manager Corporate Communication, Nedschroef for suggesting to write about this topic.

Well, that was pretty much my trade secrets of converting stress into a driving force. What’s yours? Feel free to drop a line and share with other readers.  🙂

4 thoughts on “Stress Management: New mantra to convert stress into driving force

    1. Thank you very much for your interest and complement. Well, I do quite bit of study myself before I mix it with my own personal view and write about it. If you are particularly interested in any topic let me know. I will be more than happy to write about it. Happy reading.

  1. Good post! And I think the topic is really important as well. This post opened my eyes a lot, thanks! – Johanna 🙂

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