How much money did facebook lose in 60 minutes today?

When it comes to social media, facebook is the titan. It’s been 60 minutes now and facebook is down. Yes, facebook is down for more than 60 minutes+

Usually, facebook don’t go down for more than a minute or two. One of the major source of income for facebook is coming from advertisement revenue. Ever wondered how much money they lost in last 60 minutes?

Well, the math is simple…

According to facebook makes 230 dollars per seconds, so if you convert that to 60 minutes, then it looks like this

facebook lost money Yes, they already lost over 0,8 million+ dollar. But nothing to worry, according to, after 30-45 minutes of outage, some are reporting that it’s back online. Others are reporting it’s still down. Seems like, it’s coming back online slowly on a server-by-server basis.

According to NBCSandiego, a Facebook spokesperson said the outages were caused by a configuration issue.