Features of Mercedes Benz’s Future Bus ( Infographic )


Recently Mercedes Benz’s Future bus made  20 kilometre trip from Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport to a small dutch town named Haarlem. It’s claimed to be the world’s first automated city bus tested in a real-life traffic situation.

Currently, The future bus is the most hi-tech bus in the market. The features of the future bus is being illustrated below



  • Differential Global Positioning System (dGPS)
  • Semi-Autonomous Driving
  • Vehicle 2 Infrastructure Communication ( Range 200m)
  • Lane Camera ( Range 80m)
  • Stereo Camera for visual traffic light recognition up to 30m
  • Stereo Camera for far range pedestrian recognition up t o60m
  • Far range vehicle recognition radar ( Range 200m )
  • Short Range radar for close-up pedestrian recognition ( Range 10m )
  • Close-up Cameras ( Range up to 5m )
  • Global Localisation Cameras ( range > 200m)
  • Wireless Charging for Mobile


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